Clek Foonf 2017 vs Fllo 2017 Comparison : What’s Better in Clek Foonf?

Clek Foonf 2017 and Clek Fllo 2017 are two models that you may consider if you are looking for convertible car seat in 2017. They are both introduced by Clek in the first quarter of 2017. You may find that there are several similarities between those two models but as two different models, you can find few differences between them as well. What are their differences? This article will talk about Clek Foonf 2017 and Fllo 2017 then see what’s better on Clek Foonf as the higher model.

Clek Foonf 2017 Short Review

Clek Foonf 2017
Clek Foonf 2017

Clek Foonf 2017 is positioned as the newer model of Clek Foonf 2016. You can find that there’s no big difference between the 2017 version of Foonf and 2016 one. Clek Foonf 2017 is the higher model when It’s compared to Clek Fllo 2017. Clek Foonf comes with REACT safety system. REACT that stand for Rigid-LATCH Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology is able to deliver rear-facing safety performance in a forward-facing seat. It’s the technology that used aluminium honeycomb technology that absorbs the energy of collision so the forces transmitted to the child is significantly reduced. Clek Foonf 2017 also comes with Rigit-Latch system that make forward-facing installation is simple while you have also peace on your mind because of its safety. For side impact protection, Clek Foonf 2017 comes with Advanced side-impact protection that protect the kid from side impact collision. It’s a combination between energy absorbing foam layers, structural headrest with deep side wings that can be adjusted, and complete metal substructure.

Clek Fllo 2017 Short Review

Clek Fllo 2017
Clek Fllo 2017

Clek Fllo 2017 comes as the improvement from Clek Fllo 2016. Clek Fllo is recommended to be used for 14-65 pounds children. It’s used as rear-facing car seat for 14-50 lbs infant while used as forward-facing car seat for 22-65 lbs toddler that have already can sit upright alone (2+ years recommended). It also can be used from the newborn baby with infant-thingy insert that sold separately. Clek Fllo positioned as the lower model than Clek Foonf. Clek Fllo 2017 comes with advanced protection from side impact collision with adjustable structural headrest with deep side wings, metal reinforced structure and energy absorbing foam layers. Clek Fllo 2017 is completed with Energy-Absorbing Crample Technology (EACT) that use aluminum honeycomb deformable cores to reduces the forces transmitted to the child seating on this car seat. Clek Fllo 2017 is tailored in GreenGuard Crypton Fabrics that provides protection from moisture, bacteria that caused odor and stains.

Key Specs & Features

Before We talk about the differences of Clek Foonf 2017 and Fllo 2017, We need to know the specs and features of those two car seat models. The key specs and features of those two car seats can be seen on the comparison table below.

Clek Foonf 2017 Clek Fllo 2017
Brand Clek Clek
Car Seat Type Convertible car seat Convertible car seat
Car Seat Weight 33 Pounds 25 Pounds
Weight Recommendation 14-65 Pounds 14-65 Pounds
Used for newborn baby YES (with infant-thingy insert) YES (with infant-thingy insert)
Rear-facing car Seat weight 14-50 lbs 14-50 lbs
Forward-Facing car seat weight 22-65 lbs 22-65 lbs
Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology REACT EACT
Rigid-LATCH system YES NO
Advanced side-impact protection YES YES
Price Check Price on Check Price on

What’s Better in Clek Foonf 2017?

As the higher model, We can easily guess that there are few aspects in which Clek Foonf 2017 is better than Clek Fllo 2017. Let’s discuss about what’s better in Clek Foonf 2017 together.


Clek Foonf 2017 and Clek Fllo 2017 are both completed with Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology that reduces the forces transmitted to the child during a collision. But They come with different Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology. Clek Foonf 2017 comes with REACT technology, while Clek Fllo 2017 comes with EACT technology. REACT that stand for Rigid-LATCH Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology is more advanced technology compared than EACT that stand for Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology. The Rigid-Latch provides additional protection especially when the kid are in forward-facing seat function.

2. Rigid-LATCH system

Rigid-LATCH system is additional feature that you can find on Clek Foonf 2017. It’s the feature that designed to make forward-facing installation simpler with less effort. You can easily install and remove the car seats with a little time while You can also be sure that It’s properly secured.

3. Price

As the higher model, It’s fair that Clek Foonf is priced higher than Clek Fllo. But how much is their price difference? The price of Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo and convertible car seat in general are changing from time to time. So It’s a good idea to check the price of Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo to find their latest price difference.

Summary : Which Clek Convertible Car Seat to Choose?

We have discussed about the new 2017 version of Clek Foonf and Fllo and We can find that Clek Foonf is the better model. It comes with more advanced Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology as its safety technology with additional Rigid-Latch that form REACT safety technology. It offers more protection especially for forward-facing seat. Additionally Clek Foonf also comes with Rigid-Latch system to make forward-facing seat installation simpler and takes less time. With more advanced REACT technology and Rigid-Latch system installation, you can find Clek Foonf 2017 is offered at the higher price than Clek Fllo 2017. If you have more budget for your next car seat, then you should consider Clek Foonf 2017 that comes with better safety and simpler installation. Where should you order Clek Foonf 2017? You can order Clek Foonf 2017 from…

In the other hand, Clek Fllo 2017 is more affordable choice for your next convertible car seat. It comes with almost similar features and design to Clek Foonf 2017 without the REACT and rigid-latch system. Although It doesn’t come with REACT and rigid-latch installation system, Clek Fllo 2017 is still very secure premium car seat that’s easy to install and use. Where’s recommended place to order one?  You should order Clek Fllo 2017 From